Summer is a wonderful time to hit the beach, enjoy the sun and sand However, swimming in the sea requires skills and safety precautions Learn how to swim before you decide to go in to deep water American Lifeguard Association Kuwait – KB suggests guidelines for beach safety

  • Check the local weather conditions before heading to the beach
  • Only swim at a lifeguard-protected beach and obey all instructions
  • Swim only within the designated swimming area
  • Even experienced swimmers are not allowed to swim alone
  • Ensure appropriate safety equipment such as rescue tube and rescue ring available at all times while inexperienced swimmers must wear lifejackets
  • Enrolling family members to swimming, first aid and CPR courses
  • Don’t dive headfirst—protect your neck Check for depth and obstructions before diving
  • Pay especially close attention to children and elderly persons when at the beach Even in shallow water, wave action can cause a loss of footing
  • Keep a lookout for aquatic life Water plants and animals may be dangerous Avoid patches of plants Leave animals alone

This article is inspired the American Red Cross

Beach Safety
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