Workplaces are exposed to many hazards that may harm employees and customers Keeping employees and customers safe is a priority for any successful organization  It is mandatory to undertake a workplace risk assessment evaluation in order to identify  hazards, safety procedures and equipment

Having certified first aiders and first aid kits at work is essential when dealing with work injuries Below is a list of the basic supplies that any first aid kit should include

  • Gauze pads (size small, medium and large);
  • Gauze roller bandage (size small, medium and large);
  • Box adhesive bandages;
  • Triangular bandages;
  • Wound cleaning agent such as sealed moistened towelettes;
  • Scissors and Tweezers;
  • Adhesive tape;
  • Latex gloves;
  • Resuscitation mask;
  • Elastic wraps

Please note the number of kits and the quantity of the supplies within each kit is different from one workplace to another according to the nature of the workplace and the number of employees within More advanced equipment is needed as per the safety requirements of each workplace

First Aid Kit at Work